about zzcxz

what is zzcxz?

zzcxz consists of user generated, fictional content. do not believe what you read, for it is not real and could be written by anyone.

zzcxz rules

all content posted to zzcxz MUST UNCONDITIONALLY follow these rules:

these rules are still important but less so:

by submitting content to zzcxz, you acquiesce it to the public domain. be warned that it may be copied arbitrarily.

if necessary, please report problematic content by sending an email to me (stuff@mondecitronne.com).

how do I edit/remove content?

once content is posted, it can only be modified by me (the site administrator). I will fix any obvious typos I find. if you want content edited/removed for other reasons, send me an email.

how does the markup work?

you can add /raw to the end of the URL of a scene to see its markup (on the lines starting with tab) (example). this feature can be used to implement third-party interfaces.

if you use special formatting, and you see the literal characters that you intend to use to invoke special formatting, you have an error in your formatting. for instance, you should never see "#REDIRECT" in the preview.

where can I discuss zzcxz?

please join #m on apionet.

third party creations

if you die in zzcxz, do you die in real life?

no, you will not die in real life.

who is john?

I don't know.

help. help. help. help.

if you are reading this, it is already too late™.